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Cart Services

Your cart is like any vehicle — it requires maintenance to work at optimal performance. By signing up for a ProCartz service plan, you can rest assured your golf cart will be ready to go, anytime you need it. To learn more about our service plans, contact us today.


We also offer the following individual services:

  • Battery Inspection — Confirm you battery is fully charged, so you can get in and go!

  • Electrical System Diagnostics — Sometimes carts run into problems not obvious to the naked eye. Running an electrical system diagnostics test can solve those mysteries.

  • Full Engine Rebuild — Golf cart engines are similar to other vehicles — sometimes they need a complete overhaul. We can rebuild your existing cart engine so it runs just like new.

  • Home/Business Pick Up or Delivery — Don’t have the equipment to transport your cart? Don’t worry! We  pick up and deliver.

  • Lighting Repair — If you enjoy the nighttime rides, it’s imperative your cart’s lighting is functioning properly. When things go wrong, we can help.

  • Oil/Filter Change and Tune-Up — Keep your cart in tip-top shape with standardized maintenance.

  • Sound System Repair — When you have a banging stereo in your cart, it’s hard not to crank the volume. We can handle any sound system repairs that result.

  • Spring Service — After a long winter, you can’t wait to hop into your cart and drive. Our Spring Service ensures your cart is working at peak performance.

  • Tire Installation — Drive your cart a lot? The tires wear down like other vehicles. ProCartz offers full tire installation services.

  • Winterization — The colder months can be hard on a golf cart. We can make sure your cart handles anything the elements throw at it.

Parts or Service Inquiry

Are you interested in parts or service? Let us know and we will get in touch!

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