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About ProCartz

Pit-Pro was started in 1999 to provide high-end, custom golf carts to the racing community. Designed to offer functionality in a sleek package, Pit-Pro is now a “garagehold name” in the world of motorsports. Racing’s biggest legends have been seen carting around world renowned racetracks on a Pit-Pro cart. We wanted to expand this unique style of golf cart to other realms, including clay shooters and personal recreation enthusiasts. In 2014, we opened a showroom in Carmel, Indiana and changed the name to ProCartz. Today the company offers a countless variety of styles, customizable to fit any need from off-road to neighborhood. Family owned and operated, don’t be surprised if the company mascot, Oliver the dog, greets you at your next visit!


Meet the Pit Crew

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson


Mike Nelson, Co-Owner, originally founded Pit-Pro with his wife Pau with the goal of producing dream carts for racing teams. As the brand popularity grew, the Nelsons looked to take their product beyond the racetrack and into the neighborhoods and beyond. Today, ProCartz offers custom high-end carts to anyone who is in the market for a unique cart.

You can usually find Mike in the shop customizing a cart or in the showroom helping clients. Mike has a knack for being able to transform an idea into a show-stopping reality while placing a strong emphasis on customization and personal service. “Anyone can buy a golf cart online, but we are the only golf cart store in the area that can give you first rate service and get exactly what you want and need,” said Mike.

Mike believes local, personal service sets ProCartz apart from the competition. He looks forward to personally working with you to create the perfect cart that will exceed your wildest expectations!

Email Mike at  mike@procartz.com

Pau Nelson

Pau Nelson

Co Owner

Pau is responsible for taking care of customer service, PR, and marketing for ProCartz — basically a little bit of everything!

Because ProCartz is a family-owned company, Pau takes pride in getting to know customers and learning about their needs. From refurbishing a family’s old cart to decking out a brand new one, her goal is to make sure customers leave happy and always come back.

“I love listening to stories from our customers about how they use our carts,” said Pau. “From the couple who bought His & Hers carts for Christmas, to the professional football player who wanted us to make his cart longer because his legs were to long, it’s great to hear how our carts are being used and enjoyed.”

Born and raised in Mexico, Pau is the proud mother of two amazing kids. She loves the friendly people and small town community feel of Zionsville, and has been a resident of the Indianapolis area for the past 20 years.

Email Pau at: pau@procartz.com

Lindsey Wolf

Lindsey Wolf


Lindsey maintains ProCartz office services by keeping everyone organized, ensuring the team follows procedures. She prepares payroll, controls correspondence with customers and vendors, reviews and approves supply requisitions, handles accounts payable and receivable, and manages invoicing.

“At Procartz, we treat our customers like family,” said Lindsey. “We take the time to get to know each customer so we can provide them with a cart that will fit their exact needs. I’ve never seen Mike or Mark not be able to come up with a solution when presented with an idea for a cart they may have never tried before. They love the challenge, and the results are truly amazing!”

Email Lindsey at: lindsey@procartz.com




You can’t visit the ProCartz showroom without meeting Oliver! This four legged member of the ProCartz team takes his job as mascot and greeter very seriously. (Otherwise he has to stay home alone all day!) Oliver enjoys the wealth of loyal clients who work with ProCartz time again. Not only do they keep coming back, but most bring treats from their travels, which makes Oliver one happy dog! Please be sure to say hi to Oliver when you come check out the showroom!

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